The House Subcommittee Budget for 2011

The House Subcommittee would also fully fund mainstream vouchers for people with disabilities at $114 million, the same as the President’s request. The Administration separated the rental assistance from the Section 811 Housing for Persons with Disabilities program in its FY11 request, transferring the funds in full to the Tenant Based Rental Assistance line item as mainstream vouchers. The House Subcommittee bill would provide these requested funds within the tenant-based line item.

The House bill also funds the Section 811 program at the FY10 level of $300 million, effectively providing an increase of $114 million to the program with the additional funds within the tenant-based line item. The President’s budget request would fully fund the Section 811 tenant-based vouchers, but would cut the production side of the Section 811 program by $96 million.

The Administration also proposed cutting the production portion of the Section 202 Housing for the Elderly program, and the Subcommittee’s bill would include funding for the program at the FY10 level of $825 million.


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