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Submission of Grant Applications for the Ministry on South Street

Wednesday, August 19th, 2015

The Ministry on South Street is seeking funding to support a program called “Empowering Families for Community Change.” This program partners with a local church and utilizes a community engagement tool called Circles USA (seeks to inspire and equip families/communities to resolve poverty and thrive). Individuals from selected families will participate in a one-year program that focuses on several disciplines including community organizing, case management, grassroots leadership, goal setting, financial literacy, mentoring, peer-to-peer counseling, and child/youth development. Participants in this program come from the South Street community, and more specifically Reeves Terrace, which a public housing complex within the community. Expected benefits for participants include; 1) Systemic barriers to escaping poverty will be addressed; 2) By including partners from various income groups, as well as stakeholders, participants will experience a strong sense of belonging, a compelling commitment to shared goals, and a high level of accountability to themselves and the group; and 3) Not only will low income families be positively impacted, but so will the community in which they live.

On behalf of South Street, JPH & Associates submitted the following funding applications in support of this program;

William J. and Dorthy K. O’Neill Foundation – $15,000
CNL Corporate Grant – $50,670
Central Florida Community Foundation Special Project Proposal – $50,670

Submission of Grant Applications for the Orlando Board of Realtors

Wednesday, August 19th, 2015

JPH & Associates has been retained by the Orlando Board of Realtors and Florida Real Estate Foundation to assist in preparing and submitting grant applications for their Heroes’ Commons at Jefferson Park project. This project will provide six mortgage free new homes to income-qualified veterans and their families. Two homes will be offered to families with household income at or below 80 percent of the area median income and four to families between 80-120 percent of the area median income. The project total cost is $801,500 of which over $500,000 has been raised.

The following is a list of recently submitted grant applications;

Wells Fargo Corporate Grant – $15,000
Wells Fargo Homeownership Grant – $15,000
Home Depot – $50,000
Community Affordable Housing Equity Corporation (CAHEC) – $10,000

Award of SHIP Funds

Wednesday, August 19th, 2015

JPH & Associates is pleased to announce the award of $124,460 in SHIP funds to Goodwill Industries of Southwest Florida. On behalf of Goodwill, JPH & Associates drafted and submitted this funding application to both Lee County and the City of Cape Coral. Goodwill will use these grant funds to make repairs to Coronado Place Apartments, an affordable housing project serving residents who are physically disabled. Improvements will include;

New energy efficient HVAC units
New energy efficient ranges
Additional insulation
Replacement of carpet with tile in all units
Gutters on the exterior
Hurricane resistant windows
Fire suppression systems in all kitchens

Wednesday, August 12th, 2015

Active Lifestyles – Subsidized Housing