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Goodwill Industries of Southwest Florida

Wednesday, September 13th, 2023

JPH & Associates is pleased to announce that over $1.6 million in funding from Lee County is being allocated to six Goodwill Industries of Southwest Florida housing projects serving special needs residents.  Funding will be used to replace roof/gutters on all six projects which received damage from the catastrophic Hurricane Ian which hit in 2022.

Existing metal roof will be replaced with an energy efficient metal roofs. Installed underneath the metal roof will be an energy efficient high temperature resistant Metal Tile Underlayment (MTU plus).  This underlayment reflects heat and reduces heat in the attic and keeps the unit’s cooler.  To extend the roof life and better protect the roof to future hurricanes, the following will be done; 1) Stainless steel fasteners will be used to prevent rust and a loss of fastening integrity; 2) Fasteners will be installed every 12” for the first four feet and then 16” in the field to improve the fastening capabilities of the roof system; 3) 24 gauge metal, which is 30 percent heavier than 26 gauge, will be used to add to the structural integrity of the roof system; and 4) Metal will be sealed using a durable kynar paint which will help prevent premature degradation from sun and salt.  By following these four installation guidelines, the expected life of these new roofs will be 50 years and will be more resist to hurricane damage in the future, while at the same time as lowering energy costs.