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HUD 811 Program – Position Paper Q&A – Issues & Answers, President’s Budget Seeks to Terminate

Wednesday, March 17th, 2010


The Section 811 program allows persons with disabilities to live as independently as possible in the community by increasing the supply of rental housing with the availability of supportive services. Facing elimination within the 2011 President’s Budget, the goal is to inform and educate the reader about both the strengths and weaknesses of the program in an effort to not only continue the program, but improve upon it.

An effort is underway to contact Legislators, inform them of the issues, and encourage them to retain this valuable program.

HUD Secretary Testifies on FY 2011 HUD Budget Request

Monday, March 1st, 2010

Written Testimony of Shaun Donovan, Secretary of U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, “FY2011 Budget Request for HUD”, Hearing before the House Appropriations Subcommittee on Transportation, Housing and Urban Development, and Related Agencies
HUD Secretary Testimony Excerpts