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Grant awarded by Wells Fargo to the Orlando Regional RealtorĀ® Foundation (ORRF).

Thursday, October 17th, 2019

JPH & Associates, Inc. successfully authored and will be the project manager for a $10,000 grant awarded by Wells Fargo to the Orlando Regional RealtorĀ® Foundation (ORRF). Grant funds will be used to create a Review Council in order to explore ways to improve the single family building permit review process. Initial efforts will be centered on Orange, Seminole and Osceola County, as well as the City of Orlando. One of the initial ideas set forth to be explored will be the establishment of an external Building Plan and Permit Review Council. This independent party will be used to help review program changes identified by the Review Council. Four potential areas of concentration for such a Review Council could be as follows:

Area One – Regulation Stress Test: As municipalities consider changes in regulations which impact the development of single family housing, the Review Council will make themselves available to analyze these changes and make suggestions of changes.

Area Two – Plan Review Assistance: Developers and/or architects will have the option of meeting with the Review Council prior to their building permit meeting with the municipality. The goal will be to review the plans and submission packet for such items as missing documents, incorrect plans etc. and advise the applicant of suggested changes.

Area Three – Permit Process Evaluation: The Review Council will seek to monitor the permit process and suggest changes that will improve the process. Suggested changes could involve both the municipal plan review process, as well as documentation submitted by applicants.

Area Four – Financing Review: The Review Council will make recommendations of potential funding which they deem applicable to the development proposed. To address this area of concentration, the Review Council will call on such entities as the Central Florida Community Foundation, Community Loan Fund and/or local government. Developers utilizing this process will have elevated chances of securing funding.