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Impact Fee Position Paper – November 2012

Tuesday, November 27th, 2012

Since its inception, JPH & Associates has worked diligently with municipalities to reduce fees and permit costs associated with affordable elderly housing projects. One area which JPH & Associates has concentrated its attention has been impact fees. Impact fees are used by municipalities to help pay for costs associated with police, fire, utilities, schools, parks, and transportation. The attached position paper, authored by Matthew Hazelroth from JPH & Associates, details the method that has been successfully used to petition for the reduction of these fees, in addition to documenting actual savings realized from these efforts.
Impact Fees Position Paper, November 2012

JPH & Associates Writes Grant for Goodwill Project-Ohio Place

Saturday, October 2nd, 2010

Goodwill Industries of Southwest Florida will receive over $276,000 to make improvements at Ohio Place, which is a 15-unit subsidized apartment complex built in 2002 and located in Ft. Myers. This project serves physically disabled. JPH & Associates wrote the grant and will coordinate grant management. Improvements to include:

• Replace carpet with tile (reduce operation costs and improve health of residents).
• Replace 12 HVAC units with newer/more efficient units (reduce energy costs).
• Install gutters with covers on all buildings (protect landscaping and roof edges).
• Increase attic insulation to R-32 (reduce energy costs).
• Replace all windows with hurricane glass (resident safety and hurricane resistant).
• Generator to power sewer lift station/community room (resident safety and hurricane resistant)
• Replace the roof (long term maintenance)
• Install fence at back side of property abutting single family homes (resident security).