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Westminster Asbury East

Monday, January 26th, 2015

JPH & Associates, Inc. is pleased to announce the opening of Westminster Asbury East, an affordable elderly housing project completed by Westminster Communities of Florida. This 68 unit, $8.8 million project is part of a multi-property complex providing affordable housing to the elderly. This latest phase will be green certified under the Florida Green Building Counsel. This means that a number of features (which includes solar hot water) have been incorporated into the project to reduce energy consumption. After only 30 days from commencement of marketing, the project is 90 percent occupied.


Sweetwater Place Apartments

Tuesday, May 20th, 2014

In 2012, Goodwill Industries of Southwest Florida received $1.8 million of HUD Section 811 funding to construct 14 apartment units in the City of Clewiston, Florida. Supplementing HUD funding was an additional $200,000 in funding from the Federal Home Loan Bank Atlanta. FHLB funds enabled installation of a metal roof, exterior fencing, emergency generator, upgraded cabinets, ceramic tile in the bath and kitchen, and a larger electric service. The facility is now open and moving in residents who are income eligible and who are physically disabled. The project is one of the first new HUD Section 811 projects to receive green certification under the Florida Green Building Counsel. Ultimately this certification will mean dramatically smaller utility bills which will help both the residents and owner.

Sweetwater Place Apartments 004

Sweetwater Place Apartments

Sweetwater Place Apartments 005

Sweetwater Place Apartments - Kitchen

Sweetwater Place Apartments 007

Sweetwater Place Apartments - Bath

DGN Towers III

Tuesday, May 13th, 2014

JPH Associates is pleased to announce the opening of DGN Towers III, a project sponsored by Miami Jewish Home and Health Services. This 75 unit, $10.6 million project for the elderly is the third phase of a three phase effort that commenced over eight years ago. The land was leased to the Sponsor by the State of Florida at no cost. These cost savings on the land were returned to the project in a series of construction upgrades. The project is the first HUD 202 projects within the State to earn an energy LEEDS certification. This certification incorporates energy saving design/devices into the project while encouraging the use of green features such as low emission paint and recycled materials. Project management indicates that it took only two days to secure lease commitments on all 75 units, proving again that the supply of affordable housing for the elderly is not keeping pace with demand.

Miami Jewish Home & Health - DGN III

DGN Towers III

Abilities @ Crestview II

Wednesday, June 5th, 2013

In 2000, Abilities of Florida received $1.17 million of HUD Section 811 funding to purchase and renovate 18 condominium units in the Crestview Condominium complex in Cocoa. Thirteen years later, Abilities received $873,000 million in Section 811 funding to acquire and renovate an additional seven units. JPH Associates is pleased to announce that a total of 25 units or 20 percent of all units in the complex are now accessible for persons who are disabled and whose household incomes are defined as very low income. The newly renovated units are but a handful of units within the State of Florida that have received the Florida Green Building Coalition Green Certification designation. This designation allowed for the inclusion of features such as high SEER air conditioning/heating, energy star appliances, low flow plumbing fixtures, impact resistance/low e windows, low emission paints, and the incorporation of recycled materials throughout. The end result is a more efficient and intelligent design, plus significant reductions in future operating costs, which will directly benefit those tenants who are physically disabled.Abilities @ Crestview II Abilities @ Crestview II WallkwayAbilities @ Crestview II Kitchen AreaAbilities @ Crestview II Apartment

HUD Section 811 PRA Demo Award Announcement

Thursday, February 14th, 2013

In May of 2012, The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, Office of Multifamily Housing Programs has published a Notice of Funding Availability (NOFA) for the Section 811 Project Rental Assistance Demonstration Program (PRA Demo). This program was intended to fund State housing agencies or other appropriate housing agencies to provide long term project-based rental assistance contracts for approximately 3,500 affordable housing units set aside for extremely low-income persons with disabilities. Authorized by the Frank Melville Supportive Housing Investment Act of 2010, the 811 PRA Demo will award rental assistance funds to state housing agencies (or other appropriate entities) that have formed partnerships with state Medicaid and health and human services agencies that have developed methods for identifying, referring, and conducting outreach to a target population of extremely low-income persons with disabilities requiring long term services and supports. These operating funds will be used to set aside supportive units for this target population in affordable housing complexes whose capital costs are funded through Low-Income Housing Tax Credits, HOME funds, or other sources.

The awards were announced on February 13, 2013 and thirteen (13) state housing agencies received awards. Unfortunately, Florida was not one of the awardees. It is difficult to determine at this point why Florida was not successful, but it is likely due to the absence of partnerships with other Medicaid and Health and Human Service Departments. We are hopeful that Florida will self-evaluate their failure on this grant application and seek to put into place the necessary framework in order to improve their competitive position for future funding applications.

The Section 811 PRA Demo awards have been granted. The press release and list of awards is posted on the HUD.GOV website. HUD Press Release HUDNo.13-024

In summary, approximately $98 million was awarded to 13 state housing agencies, which will ultimately create 3530 more units of housing for persons with disabilities. This innovative demonstration brings together housing and healthcare services through a unique partnership with HHS (The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services).

Documenting the Need for Affordable Housing for the Elderly

Saturday, January 26th, 2013

DGN III Lottery for Affordable Housing

Waiting for the lottery for first 75. DGN receives over 678 applications for 75 units opening in mid April 2013!

JPH & Associates is the consultant overseeing DGN Towers III, a 75-unit HUD Section 202 being developed in Pembroke Pines, Florida by Miami Jewish health Systems (MJHS).
DGN III Lottery for Affordable Housing
On January 24th, 2013, at 3pm, MJHS staff began a lottery drawing for the upcoming 75 new apartment units. Advertised in late December 2012, staff handed out over 1,000 applications of which 678 had been returned by the 2pm cutoff of January 25th.
DGN III Lottery for Affordable Housing

First Applicant Drawn from Lottery

Staff reported hundreds in attendance for the drawing. Staff utilized the services of a security company to help direct traffic, which was parked curbside all the way to Douglas Road!
DGN-III-026 Lottery

Cars, cars everywhere!

This is a major statement regarding the need for low income senior housing. Owner preferences were for persons 62 and older who are paying more than 50% of their income for rent, displaced by government action or government declared disaster. Staff notes that although this is the fifth project for MJHS, they are still astonished by the need. In Florida, for every 15 seniors needing housing, there is one unit in stock. With aging in place, many never make it to affordable housing. Following are some selected pictures of the marketing and lottery activities.

DGN Towers III Senior Housing Team

DGN Towers III Senior Housing Team

My personal congratulations to the Senior Housing Staff and the “teamwork” that went into this event. Everyone was orderly, though we were crowded. Overflow went into the lounge adjacent to the community room with standing room only. Before the drawing, we encouraged all those present to voice their opinion to Congress individually regarding the need for more low income senor housing. Those sponsored and managed by non-profit, faith based institutions such as ours, are efficient and cost effective use of the taxpayers dollars. After all, these are the persons who helped build our great country. This Phase III building is the last of the capital advance projects built until Congress takes notice of the housing crisis facing our seniors.
DGN Towers III Senior Housing Team Before Drawing

DGN Towers III Senior Housing Team Before Drawing

Manager Donald C Wills checks ticket number for intake.

Community draws tickets for Jennifer Salgado.

Hernandez and Marta Chavarria enjoy a quick bite.

Impact Fee Position Paper – November 2012

Tuesday, November 27th, 2012

Since its inception, JPH & Associates has worked diligently with municipalities to reduce fees and permit costs associated with affordable elderly housing projects. One area which JPH & Associates has concentrated its attention has been impact fees. Impact fees are used by municipalities to help pay for costs associated with police, fire, utilities, schools, parks, and transportation. The attached position paper, authored by Matthew Hazelroth from JPH & Associates, details the method that has been successfully used to petition for the reduction of these fees, in addition to documenting actual savings realized from these efforts.
Impact Fees Position Paper, November 2012

Award of Pre-Development Grants

Wednesday, October 31st, 2012

JPH & Associates, Inc. is pleased to announce the award of $1.2 million in pre-development demonstration grants to three nonprofit organizations who develop affordable housing for seniors. Recipients of this August 2012 funding announcement include the Diocese of St. Petersburg, Archdiocese of Miami, and Presbyterian Retirement Communities. These funds will be used by the Sponsors to off-site costs and expenses incurred prior to the start of construction on their respective senior housing developments.

Abilities @ Morningside II, Clearwater FL

Wednesday, October 31st, 2012

In 1996, Abilities of Florida received HUD Section 811 funding to purchase and renovate six condominium units in the Morningside Condominium complex in Clearwater. Sixteen years later, Abilities received an additional $1.08 million in Section 811 funding, plus an additional $200,000 from Pinellas County to acquire and renovate an additional eight units. In August of 2012, JPH & Associates, Inc. announced the completion of phase two. The newly renovated units are some of the first in the State of Florida that have received the Florida Green Building Coalition. This designation impacted apartment features including, but not limited to air conditioning/heating, appliances, water conservation features, low emission paints, and the incorporation of recycled materials throughout. The end result is a more efficient and intelligent design, plus significant reductions in future operating costs, which will directly benefit those tenants who are physically disabled and who have household incomes as defined as “very low and extremely low”.
Abilities @ Morningside II, Clearwater FL
Abilities @ Morningside II, Clearwater FL

Glen East II – Dothan, AL

Wednesday, October 31st, 2012

Glen East II, Dothan AL, Wiregrass Foundation & B’nai B’rith Housing

Glen East II, Dothan AL

JPH & Associates, Inc. announces completion of the second phase of Glen East II on July 13, 2012. This second and last phase complements the highly successful first phase, which was completed rented within 60 days of opening. In Phase II, HUD provided an additional $4 million in financing to construct 37 one bedroom units situated in 16 buildings. The entire site is linked with an extensive walk-way system and has on-site covered public transit stops. This phase, as was the case with the first phase was co-sponsored by Wiregrass Foundation and B’nai B’rith Housing, Inc.
Glen East II, Dothan AL
Glen East II, Dothan AL